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Bedtime Can Be 1, 2, 3

Does it take you over two hours to get your children down for the night? Here are some super tips on how to make bedtime blissful rather than unbearable.

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Mastering Everyday Routines

From brushing hair to washing hands to taking a bath and
more. . . . These audiocasts provide a range of useful tips designed to help toddlers learn essential tasks and gain a true sense of empowerment.

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Recent Features

Recent Features

Ask Our Experts

Time-out Tactics

Q: I was using time-outs to discipline our 2-year-old when he did something he knew he shouldn't. We were putting him in the playpen for the time outs. But now he can climb out...

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Toilet Tricks

Our 3-year-old daughter, who is otherwise potty-trained, will not use the toilet for bowel movements. What should I do?

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Raising a Good Sport

Preschoolers are not natural-born losers. So just like they learned to share and take turns, they must also learn how to handle it when a friend wins.

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Games Toddlers Play

It may be a while before your child is ready for Monopoly, but there are simple games you can create for her to enjoy right now.

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More Peas, Please

Happy, healthy eaters are made, not born. If you expose toddlers to nutritious foods and make mealtimes enjoyable, they'll eat it right up.

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Tips for Toilet Training

There are good times to start, and other times to avoid, but when it comes to toilet teaching, there are no guarantees. Here, we give mom-tested tips for success.

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"Look What I Did!"


If your child has done something incredible, let everyone know! Coming soon: a gallery of kid accomplishments.

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Tip of the Day

Start a "Why" Book

When your toddler asks a question about something, write it down in a notepad. Have your child illustrate it, and ask him to explain what he's drawn.

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