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Raising a Good Sport

Certain grown-ups can't take the thought of losing, so imagine how hard it is for preschoolers to admit defeat. Just like they learned to take turns and share, however, they also must learn how to handle their emotions when a friend is the winner.

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Recent Features

Recent Features

Games Toddlers Play

It may be a while before your child is ready for Monopoly, but there are simple games you can create for her to enjoy right now.

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Recent Features

When to Play Referee

Toddlers often butt heads on a play date. Should you step in and help them settle their squabbles or stand back and let them work it out?

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Recent Features

Three Friends and a Meltdown

When preschoolers make friends, they don't like sharing them. But learning group social skills is important, too. Here's how to help your child work the crowd.

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